Mary Bea Photography Style Guide

Gone are the days of family portraits in perfectly matched outfits, and I thank my lucky stars for that!

But what happens when you have no idea what to wear? As much as I believe that beauty comes from within, having a well-styled family session makes you feel more comfortable. Here’s a bit about the ins and outs of styling your session with Mary Bea Photography, and how to avoid some common mistakes.

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A long time ago, coordinating outfits for photos meant several trips to the mall, trying to put things together on your bed or floor.

Then, oh-my-goodness, that top totally clashes with her sweater, and those shoes are just wrong. Back to the mall you would go and who can even keep all those receipts straight?!

The main goal of this page is to provide outfit visuals in different color schemes, featuring styles that are Mary Bea Photography photo-approved.

I hope it will serve as a time saver and stress reducer for you!

Complement, don’t match each other, and let’s have fun with it! You can look and feel comfortable while totally rocking something flattering and special, no matter your family style. It’s all about having fun.

Try to stay away from large logos and baggy clothes. Wear complementary color tones, mix and match patterns with solids, and pick accessories that tie everything together. 

You don’t have to be fancy to look nice. You can be your down-to-earth, casual self and look amazing. Here you’ll find some complementary color tones, patterns, and styles that bring out the best sides of everyone!